Battery Trays and Control Arm

EBay seller with the battery trays said they would fit and he would discount shipping. So I bought 2. Very little surface rust and peeling paint. I attempted to bead blast with gravity gun and very small compressor, with very minimal results. I am now contemplating buying a larger compressor and pressure blaster.

I have a feeling the tray support arm is not quite as long as the support arm on our 300s. If not, I should be able to drill out the three spot welds on both, swap them and bolt them back together.

Tom still has not installed his new tierods. I may go help him this week.

I ordered a new right upper control arm because the upper bushing was warn and pushed out from the mount. At the same time, I ordered: replacement electric antenna mast, antenna seal, dome light door switch, and brake wear sensors. I can not get the antenna to feed into the motor correctly. I have taken it apart and now know how it works. The hold up seems to be a little metal roller that pinches the plastic toothed strip too tight and thus bogs the motor to a stop. I will have to take a look at toms and see if he has any of the antenna gear left inside his motor to see if the original was thinner than this replacement.

Yesterday It was excellent weather out so I decided to change the upper control arm and I will submit that as a separate entry with pics and all.

It turns out the battery trays do not fit. The fender support arm on these is shorter. I have now drilled, cut and ground the old battery tray away from the old support arm (1 down and 1 to go) and am ready to bolt it to the new tray.


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