New Radio

I also recently replaced all 4 speakers with Pyle 2 and 3 way speakers and an Alpine plane jane receiver/cd player.
The speakers in the back (5 1/4″) fit pretty good, although to get the screws to go through both sides of the clips, I had to notch the deck board about 1/4″ in the 4 corners where the attachment holes are. I could no longer get the original grills to fit, so I used the Pyle grills that came with the speakers.
As for the front, they fit good in the hole, but I had to break off one perforated corner mount on each speaker due to the way they hit the fwd curve of the dash just under the windshield. Also, up here, I am only able to get 1 screw through the mount hole to line up with the original dash mount hole. The original grills are flush mounted and integrated into the dashboard, so I’m attempting to modify them by shaving off a circular spot on the inside to clear the tweeter in order for them to lay flush like original.
As for the Radio, it went fairly well. When I spliced all the wires on the radio that came with the car (not original, but another CD player that no longer functions like it should), I just wired the fade through the stock Mercedes quasi fader switch in the console. I have now bypassed that switch and the new radio now has normal fade.
I still do not have reception, because I don’t have the antenna hooked up. I did get a new retractable antenna for my original motor, but it seems too thick and gets stuck right at the first roller inside the box. So I bought another one from the junk yard. The only problem is, the plugs are different. The last visit to the yard, I clipped the plug off another model that seemed to be the same as the antenna I bought last time, and need to match the wires and try it out.
CD, USB, and AUX all sound great.


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