Primer pump leak

It’s been a long time since last post, but I’m still here.

So I still have not replaced the primer pump that I ordered and received a couple years ago. Johnny said that he had an issue with his Ford Power Stroke diesel engine where he had a leak and with that came a rough idle. So that made me think about my very rough idle and my leaking primer pump. Of course, now that I really want to change the pump, I can’t find it. Once I get back home, I’m going to give it another search to find the new pump before giving up and buying another one.

I did drive the car for a couple weeks while I changed the Jetta brakes and had the  distributor replaced . It now is awaiting master cylinder which I bought, but got the wrong one. So once that is exchanged and replaced, Jetta will be back to primary. Also, the Durango was having the radiator changed which is now done. Durango is solid runner now and just needs some work on rust remediation.

If anyone has any tips on changing the primer pump, I would be very grateful for any help. The problem I had when I first got the replacement pump and attempted to remove the old one, was I couldn’t get the two lines loose from either side of the pump handle. If I can get the idle back to normal and the power issue fixed, then it will be time to install the WVO kit and start filling my drums with oil.


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